Labor Relations

Labor relations and collective bargaining are the fundamental services for which the MCAI was created. All MCAI contractor members are signatory to Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 33 and/or Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 125. These relationships with organized labor have evolved into close partnerships.

Contract Negotiations

Each chapter appoints contractors to a negotiation committee. The MCAI’s role in collective bargaining is dictated by the respective contractor negotiation committee. Whether it be as lead negotiator or consultant, the MCAI staff prepares statistics, drafts contract language, seeks legal counsel as needed and acts as the overall central point of contact for all labor negotiation activities.

Trust Fund Representation

Federal law requires that health, pension and apprentice training trust funds be jointly administered by management and labor. Born out of the labor agreements negotiated between the MCAI and our labor partners, the management trustees on these funds are appointed by the respective MCAI chapter contractor members.

Grievance Representation

Although rare, there are occasional disagreements over the terms contained in the labor agreement and how they are applied. Grievances can be generated by either management or labor. The MCAI represents all signatory contractors and appoints the management representatives serving on the grievance committee. On some occasions, if the issue being grieved is considered to have industry-wide implications, the MCAI may hire legal counsel to represent the grieved contractor.

Industry Relations

The mechanical contracting industry is one part of a large industry containing many general and specialty contractors, as well as several different trades. The MCAI routinely meets with other associations and contractors outside of our industry to foster harmony among contractors, as well as labor unions.

Human Resources Consulting

MCAI members realize their most valuable resource is their employees. Whether they be covered by a labor agreement or not, there are many policies required by governmental agencies or legal precedent that warrant the need for human resource services. The MCAI has developed an extensive library of pre- and post-hire documents that can be used by members to assist them with adhering to employment related law and government regulations. This library is available to members in the Resources section.