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MCAI has three categories of members — Contractor, Associate and Affiliate. Members first join the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, Central Iowa, Dubuque or S.E. Iowa Chapter before they join the state association. Chapter membership may be waived due to the geographical location of the member.

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Annual Dues

Contractor Members pay $250 per year to the MCAI; Associate and Affiliate Members pay $500 per year to the MCAI. All Associate and Affiliate Members pay a minimum of $680 per year to their respective chapter. Contractor members pay through hourly contributions mandated in their respective collective bargaining agreement's Industry Development Fund and other chapter-specific hourly and/or annual dues requirements.

Chapter Contractor Associate Affiliate
Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Chapter Industry Fund (29¢/hour) $680 $680
Central Iowa Chapter Industry Fund (27¢/hour) & $100 $680 $680
Dubuque Chapter Industry Fund (29¢/hour) $680 $680
SE Iowa Chapter Industry Fund (29¢/hour) $680 $680
MCA of Iowa $250 $500 $500

Membership Type

Total Due $0.00

Bargaining Rights Provision of Chapter Membership Contractor Members Only

The party signed hereby applies for Active Membership as a Contractor Member of the indicated chapter of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa, Inc. ("the Chapter") and hereby promises and agrees, if accepted as an Active Member:

To be bound by all of the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Chapter, as they may be amended from time to time; that by this application and acceptance thereof, the applicant assigns his collective bargaining rights to the chapter and its representatives, in accordance with the By-Laws of the Chapter, for purposes of collective bargaining with United Association Local 33 and/or 125 to comply with, abide by and perform the terms and provisions to which the applicant is bound under collective bargaining agreements entered into by the Chapter or its representatives, and the obligations, agreements, and undertakings of the applicant pursuant to the By-Laws of the Chapter and to submit to arbitration certain questions, disputes, and claims that may arise as provided in, and in accordance with, the By-Laws of the Chapter.

It is hereby acknowledged that the applicant’s promise and agreements herein are in favor of the Chapter and for the benefit of all members of the Chapter. It is further acknowledged that the applicant may request a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of the Chapter.

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